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Many people choose auto glass tinting for their vehicles because it makes their vehicle look dark, sleek and even a little mysterious, but there are many other benefits to tinting the windows of your car from UV Protection, Reducing Heat, Reducing Glare, Privacy & Security.

Our large range of car tinting films from Lumar and Solar Gard all come with New Zealand manufacturers Warranties & offer legally acceptable protection from glare and the effects of the sun. They also act as safeguard against the heating effects of the sun, and adds an extra layer of glass insulation in the winter or summer.  Our tints can reduce the sun’s rays by up to 83% keeping you and your family safe when travelling during those scorching hot days. And don’t forget, our tints helps prevent skin cancer and sunspots.

Our Window Film Range

Signal friendly + Great Value

Solar Gard Galaxie offers Superior quality and exceptional performance will enhance your driving experience and protect you from the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays. 

  • Heat Rejection (TSR): 30%
  • Glare Reduction: 49%
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Jet Black Darkest Legal Tint

Llumar Stealth is a high performance hybrid dyed/metallized film that provides excellent heat rejection and a neutral deep black look. 

  • Heat Rejection (TSR): 41%
  • Glare Reduction: 49%
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Latest Nano-Ceramic Technology

Madico Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic is an IR film that offers advanced heat rejection technology through its nano-particle ceramic construction.

  • Heat Rejection (TSR): 53%
  • Glare Reduction: 52%
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

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    Here are some of the benefits to installing a premium window film

    UV & Heat Protection

    Blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays and reducing 30%-60% of heat makes tinting your car not only greatly minimises health risks but also save your vehicles interior from fading.

    Significantly reducing heat, by stopping virtually all UV rays window tinting in your vehicle will provide an effective ‘sunscreen’ for you and your skin against the harmful effects of the sun.

    Enhance Appearance

    Not only does window tinting greatly benefit your vehicle in a range of ways but it also improves its overall aesthetics.

    Nothing looks better than a vehicle with quality window tints and with our extensive range of world leading window films we have a variety of options to give you the look and level of protection you’re after.

    Improved Security

     If you happen to leave valuables in your car, you’ll be confident that prying eyes won’t be tempted to break in. Tinting your car windows increase your car’s security.

     You can park your car without worrying that a malicious passerby will be easily checking inside your vehicle for any valuables. One might never know if there are any occupants in the car.

    Increased Safety

    There are a lot of unforeseeable occurrences out there like natural disasters and accidents than can turn your vehicles glass into dangerous shards in an instant.

    Avoid this risk then and increase safety in your vehicle with a safety film tint. Transforming ordinary glass into safety glass our tints protect you and your family.

    Shades and Colours of Auto Glass Tinting

    We have a variety of shades, colors(hues) and properties available across our film range, most of the differences between film ranges are subtitle hues and refection’s that you need to see in person to appreciate, We are always happy to show the differences in our films and find the right one for you. 

    The darkness of window tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%), which is simply the percentage of light the tint allows into the vehicle. The lower the percentage, the darker the look of the tint.

    SoundX will work with you to determine what shade of tint is legal for your vehicle and best fits your lifestyle.


    Get The Right Advice on NZ’s Tinting Laws

    We are always up-to-date with NZ’s sometimes confusing tinting laws and can guide you to get the best result from your new film, Most cars & wagons are MA class and can only have 35% tint legally, while most Vans, Utes & SUV’s can have any shade past the drivers windows. 

    Below is the current NZTA laws on tinting but they can very from vehicle to vehicle, Eg: A brand New Toyota Rav4 can be both a MA class (2WD model) or an MC class (4WD model)

    Note: The minimum VLT for any windscreen is 70% but no films are allowed be fitted.