Marantz CD5005 – CD Player

Marantz CD5005 - CD Player
Marantz CD5005 - CD Player
Marantz CD5005 - CD Player
Marantz CD5005 - CD Player

Marantz CD5005 – CD Player


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Marantz CD5005 – CD Player

The new Award-winning CD5005 incorporates everything its predecessor, the CD5004, offered including the Marantz-own HDAM-SA2, but this year it features an upgraded DAC CS4398 and new CD mechanism – both taken from its big brother, the CD6005. As you’d expect, it plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs as well as MP3 and WMA files. It includes customized components for sound tuning and an extra-reliable CD transport mechanism. The Audio EX mode further enhances sound quality by switching off functions such as digital output and pitch control when not in use. The random play function will give you another option to explore your music in a new way. Also new for this year is an upgraded remote controller as well as low-power stand-by and auto stand-by modes. In addition, high-grade gold-plated analogue outputs guarantee best connectivity, while a well-defined headphone output, and an easy to read display rounds off this excellent player.

Using Marantz original HDAM SA2 circuit
The unit uses an HDAM® SA2 circuit, whose quality has been proved in Super Audio CD players and high-end amplifiers, as a high-speed buffer amplifier. You can enjoy the high speed and high-quality sound like that produced by high-end equipment.

Incorporates a Cirrus Logic advanced D/A converter, CS4398
A D/A converter is an essential element for the audio quality of a CD player. The CS4398 Cirrus Logic D/A Converter, which has a reputation for high precision and has been adopted for other Marantz Super Audio CD players, is adopted for this unit.

Equipped with Audio EX function
When digital output or the display are set to off, you can enjoy high quality analog output sound.

High grade headphone circuit
The high-grade headphone circuit incorporates a high-speed buffer amplifier to enable headphone listening of high quality sound reproduction, late at night or in other such situations.

Equipped with pitch control function
The CD playback speed (pitch) can be changed within a ±12 stage range. This function is useful for dancing practice, language learning, etc.

Supports MP3 and WMA file playback
MP3 and WMA files that have been recorded onto CD-R or CD-RW discs can be played back on this CD player.

Supports CD-TEXT display
CD-Text is an extension to the existing audio CD standard that enables text information, such as the name of the artist, album title and song titles to be stored on an audio CD. CDs with the following logos support this function.

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